First, You Hustle

Women in Design Panel

March 25, 2020
Originally recorded on March 4th, 2020 at the Joseph V Canzani Center at CCAD: For the fourth year, Columbus College of Art & Design’s Industrial Design program presents Women in Design, a panel focusing on innovation in design. This year’s panel discussion includes such experts as Michelle Fenstermaker, Strategy Director North America, FITCH; Diane Rambo, Senior Vice President, Big Red Rooster; and Allison Westrick, Principal and Founder, Sketch Blue.
Here is a breakdown of the different topics and questions this panel covers and when they occur in the program:
7:20 - Did you always want to be a designer? What started you down this path?
14:05 - How have client expectations changed?
22:30 - Most rewarding projects 
29:10 - How do you know when a project is successful?
35:20 - How has the shift from brick & mortar to online impacted things?
46:55 - How the roles of women in agencies have changed over the years
54:10 - Work/life balance
1:07:55 - Audience Q&A

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